Taurus and you may Leo Compatibility: Sex and Like

Taurus and you may Leo Compatibility: Sex and Like

The Leo Zodiac

Leo was influenced by the sunrays, this new smartest celebrity inside our Solar system. Leos are known to be bold, brilliant, and regularly seeking notice. He has got a fairly huge ego and frequently believe extremely out of by themselves, usually flipping on the latest attraction in the public products, so that they can function as focal point. Leo’s symbol was a beneficial lion, symbolizing strength, bravery, interests, and you will rulings of your heart.

Leo is a fire indication, meaning that he could be a little vibrant, romantic, eager, and you may enjoying. He’s pure-created leadership, hungry to possess gratification, affection, and focus. They are without a doubt societal animals and you can entertainers planned. As the a predetermined sign, Leo desires balance and safety. It see in dating consequently they are very happy with by themselves and everything they’ve got finished. At their poor, they truly are rigid and you can stubborn.

Personality traits out of a great Leo

Leos generally have huge egos that really must be fed. He has got a good fiery personality: bold, active, bright, funny. They are also really enchanting and you can large, plus they take satisfaction in that. During the the poor, they may be too conceited, inflexible/stubborn, tend to set themselves very first some times, while they would like to spend your time to you, it is because they really have to.

A great Leo boy wants to end up being addressed such as for example a king. He likes gift suggestions–providing and getting–and you may desires a partner that is compatible with him and which is pleasing to the eye that have him. He is a bit pleasant and only might have a number of suitors pining for him. not, in the event the the guy likes you, he will become devoted, and when Leos commit, they’re going to never ever stray. A great Leo woman furthermore wants the regal medication; she would like to become respected while the a king, as being the cardiovascular system out-of somebody’s business. (mais…)

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