Here’s Why You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

Here’s Why You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

When you’re in the dating world, it’s not uncommon to be drawn to a certain “type” of person. Maybe you’re interested in a physical type, such as people who are taller than you or brunettes with curly hair. Or perhaps you gravitate toward a certain personality type like someone who is more reserved than extroverted, with hobbies and interests that most closely align with your own. After all, being selective has never been easier with the abundance of dating apps and websites at our disposal-many of which allow filtering by lifestyle and physical traits.

But whatever your preferences have been up to this point, you may want to reconsider your screening prerequisites and recognize that dating someone who isn’t your typical type can be quite beneficial. In fact, fetlife our experts say it might be the key to developing a meaningful, fulfilling relationship.

Ahead, we breakdown why we seem to press repeat when it comes to relationships, and five reasons mental health professionals say you should consider breaking that pattern and dating people who aren’t your type.

Why Do We Date the Same Type?

According to experts, there are many layers that make up the reasons why we’re drawn to a specific type. (mais…)

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