Follow-up: > – the phrase El in hebrew means goodness, how would that getting off afro-asiatic sources?

Follow-up: > – the phrase El in hebrew means goodness, how would that getting off afro-asiatic sources?

The fresh webpage was in the nature out-of an exercise personally to show a sample out-of cuneiform writing and you can Sumerian sentences in order to an interested societal

> where create “ohim” come from when you curently have the Este? otherwise where El been >of in the first put?

There’s no word Este when you look at the Akkadian, but there are many different Akkadian terms starting with El which means that ‘high, above, over’.

>I was happy to see your own page on Sumerian. I’m already strengthening >proverb users at the and you may pondered in the event that >you’d dilemmas posting this new proverb page from the > or if perhaps it’s just >not as much as framework.

>Your page regarding Sumerian proverbs at the are >regrettably truncated; it seems like new publish processes try disrupted. >Your readers perform very much delight in an entire adaptation!

Sorry truth be told there aren’t way more proverbs around, but it is created so much more once the an instance of Sumerian composing japan cupid price and you can language than just as a listing of proverbs.

To learn as to why it ends the way in which it will, you have to is actually clicking on a number of the cues during the the artwork – some other part of the latest visual is actually mapped so you’re able to invisible names to possess for every Sumerian term naturally range.

While shopping for Sumerian proverbs, Bendt Alster provides published an intensive, formal guide in two amounts, Proverbs regarding Old Sumer, 1997, supplied by Eisenbraun’s, that you will find a connection at my backlinks page.

Nonetheless, during my >opinion a powerful circumstances to have including the Akkadian translations would-be you to >one can possibly access a much wide directory of definition, hence a good >way more direct comprehension of the new Sumerian word’s specific definition(s), >from the searching for brand new Akkadian translations from inside the AHw otherwise CAD

>Beloved sirs, navigating I came to exist your pages throughout the internet. (mais…)

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